How is my Blog Performing in January?

Hey there! Okay, the first month of the year is officially OVER! (This is so funny to me because I'm currently beginning this draft at the beginning of the month 😂) (What? I like writing blog posts... :P) And once again, it's time for a monthly overview! This one is going to be a little bit different. For the blog overview, I've decided to keep talking about Julia's Creative Corner that's through as well as through Each has things the others don't (like I can't see any stats for the new one, besides followers, and I still love talking about those) so it should be interesting! 😃 I also decided to post the overview on the blog.


Moving Day

Hey there!   Okay, so I've officially gotten a domain, a theme, hosting, and all that jazz. is going to take some getting used to. And using a bought theme is kind of weird, so I'll be trying to figure out stuff for a bit. (Like, I don't think I can change the title … Continue reading Moving Day

Blue Sky Tag + The New Blogger Award/Tag

Hey there, Today, I had planned on doing just one tag. But after being tagged again, I decided, "Well, I'll just do them both in the same post! Mostly because my readers will kill me if I put another tag in between my dialogue series again." And so here we are! First up, The Blue Sky Tag.

Yearly Overview: How’d I do in 2017?

Hey there! I figured that because I do monthly overviews, I might as well do one for the entire year, right?  😉 Before I show you the yearly overview, though, I'm going to be doing my monthly overview. (In fact, I'm starting to think I should always do my monthly overview on the 1st because I get more stats after I post 😆) But anyway. Let's take a look at how I did in December and this year!